Exploring every detail of this minimalist smartphone by Blloc

When I first saw the Blloc smartphone I was very impressed by its minimalistic, monochromatic design. I have been using the smartphone for several weeks now and I get along with it very well. At the beginning it was an unusual experience and I had to get used to it. But what I liked from the beginning is that I had the choice to decide which apps and services I want to have on my phone. I enjoyed the clean experience as the smartphone wasn’t already packed with stuff that didn’t I choose to begin with. The monochromatic design language of the Blloc OS is one thing that I highly appreciate. It distracts me less and more importantly it managed to reduce my screen time. Nevertheless I still have the opportunity to switch to full colour by a simple tap on the fingerprint sensor. So I don’t miss any experience and I can explore all pictures in colour. The main feature that makes this smartphone so unique is the Blloc Mode, unifying all interactions into two timelines – the Root and the Tree. The Root unifies all my online services into a single timeline, similar to a command center. Thus I can read the news or set my alarm without opening the app. All in a sleek black and white interface.

All in all I really like the Blloc Zero18. I will go on exploring it and keep you posted about my experiences.
Find out more about this minimalist smartphone and its tech specs here.


– in cooperation with Blloc.

DesignBritta Reineke