cinqpoints - architectural inspired objects


The brand cinqpoints has been established three years ago by a French architect - designed as a tribute to architects' work. The collection consists of objects and products in the field of games, office, posters and cards and accessories. All of them are handmade in Europe. The products are designed with a minimalist, timeless yet decorative approach. 

PEN BOX IN WOOD - VOLUME 07 // get it here
_ Volumes is a line of wooden office accessories : a pencil holder, organizer, pencil box, paperweight inspired by city and urban landscape. Conceived as a modular city, all the elements can be used independently from one another or grouped to create a coherent set.
This collection is entirely hand made out of lime tree wood, non-treated, non-varnished.

Pictures by Britta Reineke

DesignBritta Reineke