Bernd Kuchenbeiser - 61 books with black type on white cover.

The author and designer Bernd Kuchenbeiser loves books either due to its content or its design. But whatever it is that makes a good book a beautiful book is not easy to define. In one book the design details fit perfectly while in another they are misplaced. Thus Bernd Kuchenbeiser launched the website 'A good book', where publications of different genres are presented and discussed in regards to their content but first and foremost in regards to their layout, design and haptic. What was striking, many of these books had a cover with black font on a white background. Hence '61 books with black type on white cover' came into existence as an analogue selection of the website. Each book is presented with the cover, a bibliography and a short text, anecdote or a quotation -  a discussion is initiated. Get a free edition at the Vitsœ store in Münich, Türkenstraße 36.

If you are not in Munich, get the book here

Pictures by Britta Reineke

DesignBritta Reineke