QWSTION - functional, modern bags.

QWSTION was founded in 2008 in Zurich by five guys, who all had been searching for the bag that closes the gap between a functional sports bag and an elegant fashion bag. Their desire was to create products that are for everyday use but also independent in style - a bag that works just as well on a bicycle as in a business meeting. Their designs integrate functionality, flexibility, quality and modernity. I am wearing the Daypack Black Leather and I am more than happy. It's my daily companion and all my stuff for work fits perfectly in this classy, beautiful bag. I like the fact that I have multiple carrying options - making the bag even more unique. Thanks QWSTION for designing these fashionable yet timeless and functional bags. 

The Daypack is the smaller version of the classic QWSTION Backpack with adapted features: handles can be attached either horizontally or vertically, the straps can be stowed when not in use and it comes with their signature buckles and seatbelt straps. Further it provides a 15-inch laptop compartment. Get the Daypack Black Leather here

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Bag - QWSTION // here 

Design, FashionBritta Reineke