WIN: fragrance 'Mood Indigo' by FOLIE Á PLUSIEURS.

In the upcoming newsletter you have the chance to win the superb scent 'Mood Indigo' by Berlin-based 'art house' perfumery FOLIE À PLUSIEURS founded by Kaya Sorhaindo. The brand uses the fragrance as the medium for creative disciplines such as film, contemporary art, fashion, design, literature, dance, music, food and architecture. Together with Mark Buxton, the perfumer and the Soho House, FOLIE À PLUSIEURS launched the project 'Le Cinéma Olfactif' in 2014. It is as ongoing series of olfactive film screenings in concert with a collection of uncompromising fragrances by FOLIE À PLUSIEURS. These fragrances aim to enable new emotional relationships to moments in films and to accentuate the viewers screening experience at Soho House cinemas. 'Mood Indigo' was the first scent in the project for the synonymously titled film by Michel Gondry. The series consists of 8 fragrances, all respectively named after its film. I am highly impressed by this well-wrought creative concept and the idea to put perfume into another context. 

*Giveaway is over. 

'Each fragrance that evolves out our film program aim to expand the audiences taste in both film and contemporary perfumery. As a brand we explore new areas of inspiration for our fragrances to offer new propositions for contemporary perfumery.'
- Kaya Sorhaindo, Founder and Creative Director

You can win scent 'Mood Indigo' in the 12ml box - romantic, witty and melancholic. 

Pictures by Britta Reineke

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