LUMOJO - premium natural honey.

New Zealand-based brand LUMOJO combines two great loves: honey and ceramic craftsmanship. The natural honey is made by passionate local beekeepers who seek to preserve the natural goodness and regional distinctiveness inherent in the premium honey range. LUMOJO's mission is to supply the best packaging for the high-quality honey. That's why the brand has chosen to work closely with ceramic artist who craft the unique stoneware honey pots - vessels that act as a reminder of the great work of the bees, even after the honey has gone. LUMOJO offers different sorts of honey. Have a look at their website. They even offer gift sets, which you can see on the images below. Concluding, LUMOJO perfectly unites high-quality honey in a well-designed packaging. 

Petite Premium Honey Pots - the set contains 2 x 40g Manuka Premium honey and 1x Manuka Classic honey.

Pictures by Britta Reineke

DesignBritta Reineke