An androgynous, minimalist and humanist skincare brand.

The skincare brand Made in Youthland was founded by Diana V. Carriço. Her desire was to create an androgynous and timeless skincare brand with products that contain minimal, potent and innovative ingredients. Her products are made of the best natural and organic elements, which do not overfeed your skin, adapt to all skin behaviours and match our current lifestyle. Besides the fact that the packaging is well designed it has two great positive aspects. The biophotonic glass has been proven to be the most effective in preserving and enhancing the quality of the ingredients. Secondly the packaging has been designed to be reused before recycled. 

'It is not just about the right ingredients, delicious textures and natural smells – it is about creating a new way of living, thinking and doing things.' - Diana V. Carriço

I am the first ambassador of Made in Youthland.
Find out more about the brand, me and my favourite products here.
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Pictures provided by Made in Youthland