Moreno Ratti - his latest works.

Italian designer Moreno Ratti, specialised in the context of marble, has just released two new works: 'Collezione ad Incastro' and 'Calotta'. 'Collezione ad Incastro' was born form the will to recover marble slabs in different thicknesses, which are stored at warehouses. The slabs are cut by a water jet and then slot together thanks to simple joints. The idea for his work 'Calotta' was born from the desire to recover the marble waste 'calotte'. It is transformed into a functional, aesthetically pleasing capsule holder. Available soon via Cyrcus. Both objects are designed for the everyday life. 

His work 'Calotta'.

His work 'Collezione ad Incastro'.

Pictures by Moreno Ratti

DesignBritta Reineke