pré - a new brand offering fine garments.

pré is a new brand offering fine garments in the most sustainable way: directly via pre order and manufactured with a completely transparent supply chain - mindful of humans and nature. Pre-ordering helps avoiding overproduction - a common problem in the fashion industry with massive environmental consequences. Further the efficiency embodied in this distribution process guarantees that you can buy luxurious, high quality garments at very reasonable prices.  The result: cashmere products manufactured in Germany with a CO2 footprint less than 0,86% of a fast fashion cashmere sweater for 119 EUR and T-Shirts made from bio certified pima cotton, sourced and manufactured locally in Peru.

I am highly impressed by the concept of pré and I am happy to support them spreading the message. So buy less but better - and think about what you are buying. Celebrate with us the slow fashion approach. Head over to the website to find out more about pré's advanced concept. 

Head over to Instagram to have the chance to win your favourite product: beanie or scarf in grey.

'We foster responsible consumerism in fashion based on beauty, refinement and purity.'

Their products are 100% biodegradable.

Cashmere hat - pré // here
Cashmere scarf - pré // here

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